- Nick


I found this salon on YouTube after looking up various straightening treatments. My hair is relatively thick, dry, wavy, and short. I've never done a TR treatment before, and after looking up a couple of other salons online, I decided to go to the consultation. After getting everything worked out, I took the treatment for $300 a week later.

I had the treatment done because I dislike my wavy hair, and straightening it out in the morning before work (especially in the summer when it's just too hot for the iron) would take too long. It would undo itself in a few hours because sweating makes my hair wavy again. This treatment saved me at least an hour every day and is still looking good 3 weeks later. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone wanting a genuine permanent straightening. Thank you Hyang Mi!  I'll definitely be returning!

- Thomas D



I am half-Asian, and I have wavy hair that I used to have to blow dry and straighten every day or tie up. It wasn't quite wavy enough to 'enhance' into curls, so it was time-consuming. The staff at Cinderella did a great job with the Japanese Hair Straightening, and now I wake up 30mins later every day than I used to, and my hair is nice and straight right out of the shower! I also got a hair manicure, which I highly recommend. Japanese hair straightening is a little more expensive than cheaper versions of hair straightening, but I'm really convinced it's worth it. And if you are going to a procedure like that, spend a little more and get the hair manicure, because now my hair looks way better than before, it's healthier, and it takes almost no time or effort!! I wish I did this a long time ago!

Thank you,

- D. Kwan



I've got thin but strong hair (my ethnicity is Indian). It is also impossibly naturally curly. I'd gotten used to spending 45 minutes every morning straightening my hair, first with a big round brush...then a flat iron. But I simply got tired of it. So, I started wearing it naturally -- but just never liked the curls. I've relaxed my hair in the past but was always disappointed that I STILL had to spend a lot of time blow-drying and flat-ironing the hair straight. Now that summer is almost here, I wanted to explore TR. I started doing research and was happy to learn Cinderella Hair Salon was in my neighborhood. I really liked that I could see the video on their website of what the process would be like.

The staff at Cinderella are professional and very friendly. Over the course of my 5+ hour Japanese hair straightening treatment, I saw half a dozen people come in to get their hair blow-dried out or cut. A sweet little boy even got a very cool 'spiky' haircut and lots of compliments. I liked that the salon has personality.

Step by step in the process of straightening my hair, Michelle worked very diligently to make sure everything was perfect. Hyang Mi would periodically check in while juggling other customers. Sometimes both ladies would work on my hair, but by the end of the afternoon, my dream to have easy-to-manage straight hair was coming true. My hair feels quite soft and shiny, despite the processing it has been through. To make sure, I also purchased the I.D Care Heat Silk Lotion Hyang Mi recommended.

Japanese hair straightening is pricey, I can't lie. All said and done, it cost me $700. But, it is permanent. And if it means saving time in the morning as I get ready for my day...then the price is definitely worth it. I kinda feel like Cinderella now :)

Thank you!

- PS



I have been doing permanent hair straightening at Cinderella since I was a student back in the summer of 2007. I have typical medium-length Asian hair and usually, I have to spend a lot of time styling it. I did try other places before my Korean roommate recommended Cinderella to me. However, those hair salons I tried were either too expensive, or the effects were not “permanent”.

And YES, I will recommend Cinderella Hair Salon to anyone who would like to see great results for their hair!

Finally, I would like to thank all of you guys for all the great work you did for me! I think I will just keep going to Cinderella for my hair in the future. =)

Thank you!

- Stephanie Zhang


For the past few years I've been wanting permanently straightened hair for the following reasons:

  • To have perfectly neat and straight hair all the time
  • Not to spend so much time styling my hair to get it perfectly straight

I'm fairly picky about my hair. Even though it was not curly, it had some weird waviness that I didn't like, and I still needed to spend at least 30 mins. to style my hair every day after showering.

I could've gotten permanent straightening done anywhere but my biggest concern was that my hair had been chemically treated (bleached highlights and dyed), so I was worried that permanent straightening could really damage my hair. My hairdresser advised me to find a place where they had the right products and proper experience with permanent straightening for color-treated hair.

I found the Cinderella Hair Salon website through a quick online search. The website was very informative and I enjoyed watching the process in the YouTube video. Hyang Mi was very friendly and professional and I can tell she had many years of experience by providing me with a detailed and honest explanation of the whole process. She explained that Japanese hair straightening is safe for my hair because she will be using a milder product on my color-treated hair.

The process took about 4 hours and cost $600, which seems like a lot of money, but if I calculate the amount of time I save every day, as well as being confident that my hair is in good hands, it's definitely worth it! My hair also looks and feels much healthier than before.

I'd like to thank the staff at Cinderella for the great work they've done!

Thank you!

- Sharon Cheung



I have been having my hair colored and straightened regularly at Cinderella Hair Salon for 8 years and I am always delighted with the result. I'm so lucky to have found this great salon - and they give fabulous neck massages!!

- Janice Brown



Hello to everyone out there who wishes when they take a shower to magically have their hair straight when they come out. To all those who have curly hair and don't want it because they never asked for it, because some of us we just prefer having it straight. This is the place for you. I will give you plenty of reasons why.

I found Cinderella Hair Salon on the internet and her video from 'YouTube' plus all the information she had on her web page. It was of great help -not realizing that my cousin had gone somewhere else and actually did the wrong treatment. For anyone who wants to do this, to really permanently straighten their hair, then this place is as honest as its web page.

Originally, I had intentions of going to another salon, but something didn't really quite settle with me. This is a big thing to do to your hair and I wanted to go to the right person. Im not being racist here when I say this or discriminating at all, but I am a Canadian Italian and I was originally going to do this at an Italian salon. People, if you're going to do a Japanese treatment to your hair that was invented by the Japanese, then you might want to do it at an Asian hair salon.

The owner was super super nice and you can tell by the way she treats your hair that she definitely has the experience and the years behind her. I strongly recommend this salon to do this treatment. My hair took about 5 hours and I paid $600. I know $600 is a lot and I actually thought that it was going to cost around $250-$300 because that's what I was told from others as well as from someone I know who supposedly had this done. Little did they know and that I know now is that if you want to actually do the permanent treatment that's how much it will cost. The difference between my $600 and the $300 of my friend is that her hair is low maintenance, where she has to still go over her hair with a straightener every day, and I don't. Mine is zero maintenance! And, if it's a difference of $300 dollars then im doing it. There is no sense in doing a straightening treatment to your hair if you still have to straighten it every day, right?! Also, I want to add that I heard plenty of rumors such as:

1. After doing this treatment your hair will be pin-straight like Asian hair.

NOT TRUE. when you are done with your hair it is pin straight because after your last wash and the blow dry (and it is from the blow dry that you can see how your hair will be from that point on) the lady re-straightened my hair. This is as if someone who has straight hair wanted to straighten their hair it will look just as flat. So, when your hair is straight and you straighten it, it's obviously gonna get the pin-straight look. For instance, for those who have curly hair, straighten it and that's how your hair will look permanently.

2. Your hair will part only be in the middle.

NOT TRUE. It will be as normal as before the treatment. You can style your hair anyway, and put whatever product in your hair to style it, or you can be like me and get up every morning, get dressed, have breakfast, and out the door. Notice how I didn't mention anything about my hair? Ya, that's because I don't do anything. Quite the time saver!!

It's been 2 weeks since I've done the treatment. I love it so much and I would like to thank Hyang Mi at CInderella Hair Salon. Many, many, many, thanks!

- Doriana Mazzone



My name is Sean, I got Japanese hair straightening at Cinderella Hair Salon in downtown Toronto. I was afraid at first like many are when it comes to treatments but I went in for a consultation and met Hyang Mi, we talked about all the things that would happen in the treatment and what I could expect to happen later on. The price for mine was $300, which from all my research was amazing I couldn't believe it, and it's for top-of-the-line products. Finally, we agreed that I was able to get it done, and later that week I booked an appointment!


When I got there I met many more of Hyang Mi's staff. They are extremely nice, and very helpful, since it was a very

long treatment, (mine was 4 hours) they kindly offered me tea, green tea, and treats! Hyang Mi even went out of her way to buy me a waffle shaped like a fish that was very delicious! I think I had everyone in there helping me with my treatment. It was a wonderful experience and I'm glad to have met them all.


My hair turned out amazing! I went from wavy curly hair to perfectly straight! no blow-dryers or straighteners, or sprays. I have extremely smooth and shiny hair which I have never had because of my curly dry hair so it's a very welcome change. It cuts my time to get ready in half and is just so much more enjoyable I find haha. 


I would recommend Cinderella Hair Salon to anyone who wants great results!


Finally, I want to thank all the staff. You were all very kind and I appreciate everything you did for me!


- Sean Card

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