Cinderella Hair Salon is a TR (Thermal Reconditioning) salon located in the Annex of downtown Toronto. We specialize in Japanese Hair Straightening, aka TR, and have been doing TR for more than 18 years. We use only genuine Japanese Hair Straightening Systems such as NAKANO,STRAIGHT TIO and i_Style.

Our approach is simple: to do all the steps necessary to create the best results. We don't skip and we don't skimp on any important steps. The customer will always know that they are being looked after by an experienced, friendly technician. TR is more than just a hot flat iron and some chemicals: it is an art form that takes years to perfect.

We at Cinderella pride ourselves in our perfection of TR.

What is Thermal Reconditioning?

Thermal Reconditioning, also known as Japanese Hair Straightening, originated in  Japan in the late 90's. The treatment can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours and involves numerous steps. The result is permanently straight, silky smooth hair. The price begins at $400 and can go as high as $1800.

Below is a video showing a TR touch up to hair that had grown in.

This video was created by Randy Bonk.

Why should you choose Cinderella Hair Salon to get TR?

Cinderella Hair Salon is dedicated to true TR. We do not reduce our costs by skipping any important steps such as consultation before TR, PPT (proteins) for damaged hair, Double Protection cream for extra damaged hair, Accelerator  for extra-strong hair, and Heat Protector for flat ironing. These are all vital to hair quality and will never be overlooked by our staff.

All Cinderella Hair Salon technicians have more than 10 years experience in TR. They know TR inside and out and apply solutions and iron temperatures according to damage levels.